TENA ProSkin™ Underwear for Men and Women

Designed to look like real underwear

Introducing TENA ProSkin™ Underwear with ConfioAir™ fully breathable technology

Keep it dry.

TENA’s design utilizes a fast-acting, highly absorbent core, that wicks moisture away from the skin surface. This absorbent core is surrounded by a unique outer layer with micro-pores. This layer allows excessive moisture to evaporate, keeping the skin on the inside of the underwear comfortable and dry, allowing the skin to breathe.

Evaporation of excess moisture with TENA ConfioAir™ breathable technology is proven to help maintain skin’s natural moisture balance and to help promote better skin health.


TENA ProSkin™ Protective Underwear has Triple Protection for dryness, softness and leakage security.

ConfioAir® fully breathable technology
Wicks away moisture and helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance. 

Ergonomic fit
Soft, curved leg elastics ensure a secure and comfortable fit. 

Effective leakage & odor protection
Super-absorbent polymer locks away moisture.

Use TENA Proskin Products to help protect skin in three ways

Keep it dry

Keep it dry using TENA ProSkin absorbent products for Men and Women

Keep it clean

Keep it clean with TENA ProSkin washcloths and cleansing creams

Keep it protected

Keep it protected by appying TENA ProSkin barrier or protective creams

Endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance

Dedicated to championing healthy skin worldwide, the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) is a leading international skin health organization working with dermatologists, scientists and the skin care industry. The SHA offers customers a guarantee of standards in skin health. Learn more about the Skin Health Alliance.