TENA® Bathing Glove

The challenges of traditional hygiene routines

Gentler Care for Fragile Skin

An innovative solution to better care for fragile skin, minimize cross contamination, and provide a more convenient and efficient routine for residents and caregivers.

  • Soft, textured material for fragile skin
  • Mild cleansing formula with gentle ingredients
  • May be warmed for an even more soothing resident experience
  • 5-count pack for individual use helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimal preparation and clean up time
  • No water, washcloths or towels needed

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Personal hygiene is an important part of daily individual care, but it can be challenging to perform, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Even basin bathing or sponge baths at the bedside can present risks and challenges for both individuals and caregivers.

Caring and convenient all over body cleansing

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Skin Health

As the skin ages, it becomes thinner and more delicate. Many soaps can strip away natural oils, causing dryness and irritation if not properly rinsed off. In addition, reusable washcloths can be rough and may damage already fragile skin.

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Reusable basins and reusable washcloths can harbour harmful bacteria [1]

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Labour intensive

The daily hygiene routine can be time-consuming and physically demanding for both the individual and caregiver [2]

Care Providers Shared:

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Better overall performance with an overall satisfaction rate outperforming soap and water significantly.*

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Ease of bathing the individual.*

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Prep time for bed bath.*

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Preferred the TENA® Bathing Glove vs.soap & water among caregivers stating a preference.*


*Data on File.

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