• TENA® ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Incontinence Pads Long

TENA® ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Incontinence Pads Long

TENA® ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Pads Long for light urine leakage have a superabsorbent core to lock in liquid quickly and Advanced Odor Protection to fight odors. Longer than Ultra Thin Pads Regular and has a shape that follows the body's natural contours for a great fit. There is also a soft, cloth-like top layer for extra comfort.

  • Advanced Odor Protection
  • Dry-Fast Core™
  • Soft, Quick-Dry topsheet

Product description

Advanced Odor Protection

This product is pH-balanced to fight odors and promote discretion and freshness.

Dry-Fast Core™

Dry-Fast Core™ with super absorbent polymers helps to wick away and trap in liquid quickly for effective leakage protection.

Soft, Quick-Dry topsheet

Soft, Quick-Dry topsheet helps to pull in liquid fast for wearer dryness.

Cushiony side gathers for comfort and security

Cushiony side gathers provide a fit that conforms to the shape of the body for a highly secure and comfortable protection.

Individually wrapped for convenience

Individually wrapped products provide convenient, discreet portability.

Adhesive strip for security and comfort

Adhesive strip for secure fixation in ordinary underwear promotes a sense of dignity and comfort.


Available in packages:

  • Bag/Pack: 24 Pieces
  • Case: 6 Packs

Product specification

Product Article
Absorbency Pieces Pcs/
TENA® ACTIVE™ Ultra Thin Incontinence Pads Long 48200
24 144