TENA Identifi

Welcome to the Future of Continence Management

More Knowledge. Better Outcomes.

TENA® Identifi tracks a resident's voiding during 72 hours, generating a report with urinary patterns and volumes. Information in the report helps determine the most appropriate incontinence products, recommended toileting times, and adjustment of care routines which leads to:

  • Automating the time-consuming process of creating a comprehensive voiding diary for individualized continence care.
  • Helping caregivers make evidence-based decisions that are critical to effective continence care.
  • Promoting dignity and comfort for residents by helping to prevent leakage and skin irritation.
  • Individualized product selection and improved toileting routines to help improve clinical outcomes by reducing leakage and moisture-related skin irritation.
  • Saving time managing leakage and reducing product waste through more in-depth, accurate information for selecting toileting times and product absorbency.
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